~Customizing the Cutlery Industry~

At Michael Prater and Company, LLC., each knife is custom made to fit your own personal needs. Our attention to detail makes each knife truly a work of art.

All of our knives are handcrafted and put through a rigourous quality and functional inspection before being offered to the general public.

We are the largest after market knife handle manufacturer in the United States.
Our products and work have been featured in many magazines, with customers and collectors not only in the United States, but World-Wide as well.
We manufacture the following materials:
  • Mica Pearl in sheets and rods
  • Knife Handle Material
  • Custom Pistol Grips
  • Custom Duck Call Materials

Come see us at our 5000 square foot showroom and plant located in Flintstone, Georgia, a short ten minute drive south of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Michael Prater, personally performs many facets of the production process.
No products leave the shop without his final approval.
The final stages of production, performed by hand.
We take pride in our work. Our name says it all.
Michael Prater and Company, literally ship thousands of knives each year.
Let us manufacture a custom knife for you or your company.

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